The SRM 100 is a professional digital dynamic microphone with omni-directional polar pattern for connection to a smart-phone, tablet, etc.

This microphone has been engineered to do a professional job and has not been compromised because “it’s only for a smart-phone”.

It is been optimised for speech intelligibility and the capsule is elastically suspended to minimise handling noise.  It is an excellent interview microphone for the discerning user.

It is the perfect interview microphone for use with an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, etc. where a reporter can quickly interview, edit and then e-mail the recording back to base at a moment’s notice.

Live streaming is possible by using the “Luci Live” or Tieline’s “Report-IT” apps.

Because the microphone is light and portable – it is perfect for a reporter to keep on them all the time, so they can be on-air in seconds and can never come across a news event unprepared.

With a USB cable, it is the perfect microphone for internet radio and pod-casting.

The SRM 100 is supplied complete with foam windshield, a locking iPhone (iPad) cable with Lightning connector and a carrying pouch.

Cables for Android phones and a USB cable are available seperately.

Colour: black


NEW PRODUCT due for release mid 2017 – specifications will be uploaded when available

Info Sheet

SRM 100 smart-phone microphone SRM 100 smart-phone reporter microphone SRM 100 without grill - showing the dynamic capsule and shock mounting SRM 100 dynamic capsule - showing scock-mounting